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Vandex Super Waterproofing in Use

Vandex Super Waterproofing.

Vandex Super being applied in Yorkshire

The mixed Vandex super slurry is applied to prepared concrete and the chemical reactions do the rest!

Vandex Super by name, super by nature. This material is the established brand leader in active crystalline waterproofing of concrete. It’s one of the materials we rely on the most, when we have concrete which needs to be waterproof. Vandex is a world class brand and is manufactured in Switzerland and distributed here in the UK by Safeguard Europe. We’ve been Safeguard customers for 30 years and we’ve learned that if they say a product works then it invariably does.

The cementitious material contains active chemical ingredients, which react with fresh concrete to form dense impenetrable crystal in the concrete itself. It’s not a magic solution though and needs careful and skilled preparation and application. That’s alright then because our technicians are Vandex trained by Safeguard. In fact we were applying different Vandex products, long before Safeguard Europe became the UK supplier, so we have a healthy respect for all Vandex materials.

The above video was shot on a commercial structural waterproofing job in Ripon. The basement waterproofing system included Type C cavity drain membranes to the wall bordering contiguous piles, retaining a high head of ground. The concrete slab was waterproofed using Vandex Super. With concrete waterproofing, preparation is crucial. Brick-Tie used enclosed shot-blasting to remove all laitance from the surface, leaving a spotlessly clean ‘open pored’ surface. This is best practice when concrete is already cured as it was when we arrived on site.

The perfect material for waterproofing concrete

The Vandex Super was mixed exactly to manufactures instructions. It was applied with care to ensure it couldn’t dry out too quickly on the sunny windy week we were there.  This project has a huge basement, full of utility and service rooms. After we finished the waterproofing the heavens opened. It rained for several days solid and the slab was underwater for a few days after, because none of the water soaked into the slab! Perfect.

One other remarkable feature of Vandex Super is its ability to self-heal if the concrete cracks, weeks months or even years after application. Any fine cracks, which could allow water in, will expose unreacted material. It then forms more crystalline growth. The cracks are sealed once more, automatically!

This project entailed using the Vandex Super, along with Vandex FlexTape and Vandex BB75E. Vandex Unmortar 1 was used for fillets a tjoints and upstands. The Oldroyd XV membranes were linked to Safeguard Aqua drains, to ensure that the entire project is protected from ground water.

A 10 year insurance backed guarantee applied to the waterproofing work too. A commercial basement waterproofing site is busy, demanding and hazardous. Our strict health, safety and quality control measures are robust, to deal with this challenging environment. For further information or advice call our team on Leeds 265 2752 York 566577 or Sheffield 224 5121 or email us  via our contact page

Why not visit our commercial basement waterproofing section? For residential and homeowner clients we have the answer to all your basement waterproofing questions on our basement waterproofing FAQ page.

Not sure what Type A or Type C waterproofing is? This is the jargon in BS8102, which is the British standard for waterproofing basements – our MD, Qualified waterproofing designer Bryan Hindle CSSW has written about this here



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