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Property Care Association AGM winners

Property Care Association AGM – what these events reveal about the PCA

The video featured here is not one of our own. However, it features a typical Property Care Association AGM and conference. This one is from 2013.

Why put it on our page?

It highlights the efforts PCA members put into promotion of best practice. The Conferences are well attended by the best of PCA members like us. In addition, we’ve often featured in the PCA best practice awards and 2013 was no exception, when we won the ‘Training and staff development’ gong for the first time (we won this in 2015 too).

In the video you can see the sort of people who drive the best practices in our industry. Some of these are our commercial competitors. We respect their efforts to thrive in an honest, proactive and sustainable way, so of course we don’t mind having them as guests on our site.


What our boss says about PCA and it’s members.

Our MD Bryan Hindle has a view of this and when asked, he laughed, with a grin and tongue firmly in cheek said “Sometimes; and we know this is really hard to believe, clients may choose Trace Basements, Rentokil, Wise Preservation, Cook Group, Complete Preservation, or another award winning PCA member instead of us – shocking”

Bryan goes on to say “That’s fine with me, because at least I know that the client has not been seduced by a cowboy firm and will be looked after properly by organisations, large and small, who are amongst the best PCA members there are”.

In the video Sue Uttridge and Stephen Hodgson take you through what makes our PCA conferences so special for us. The technical talks and the networking is always a great learning experience. Of course a few sherbets at the evening ‘do’ are welcome too and walking away with an award and a prize, to show the team back in Leeds is always a pleasure.

Why the Property Care Association AGM matters to clients.

Out there in the googlesphere, there are loads and loads of ‘specialists’ in this and that. Steering a path through them and rejecting the dross, gets harder and harder. Flashy websites and claims of integrity, honesty and reliability come cheap these days. Consumers can sift out the worst by narrowing the field to Property Care Association Members only.

Some PCA members are better than others, just like in all organisations. However, they have to spend time, money and effort to obtain and maintain membership. This in itself shows commitment. Better still, there are a few who don’t just join so they can display a logo. They engage with the entire ethos of the PCA. If our own team’s families need specialist services outside Yorkshire, we always tell them to search the Property Care Association web site. If the members they find there  are active in the PCA and, if they also embellish their accreditations, with Which? Trusted Trader, Investors In People and CHAS, well, so much the better.

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A note from Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW AIOSH, Managing Director.

We don’t like negative stuff and you’ll see how positive we all are here in Brick-Tie Preservation. However, if you search the googlesphere for Property Care Association you will find that there are pages with this term used in the URL’s of sites (in the web address at the top of your browser). These people are not PCA members. These people despise the PCA. The sites are generally associated with self proclaimed but unqualified pseudo heritage experts, or anonymous trolls. They are full of trite, spite and bile of the lowest sort. Yes, they spend hours ranting and they always ‘tag’ their rants PCA, with the lies they make up. It’s  a free country. As dedicated members with 30 years in the industry, though I have 40, I’ve come across real nasty cowboys many times. The very worst type are the ones which promote their business and name merely by decrying others. Usually claiming some sort of moral truth and unique honesty and trust. My philosophy was learned at my fathers knee. he told me “Never claim you are honest Bryan – show you are”.

For the truth about the PCA and it’s membership, attend a Property Care Association AGM and conference. You’ll be most welcome. Better still, you’ll find some of most enthusiastic, dedicated and commendable people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and, you’ll learn something too.





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