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Damp and Timber Consultants

Damp and Timber Consultants, Leeds and Yorkshire

If you need an independent damp and timber consultant in Leeds or the Yorkshire area you’ve come to the right place!

Image of a bell cradle in Yorkshire

Death Watch Beetle investigated in this Yorkshire bell tower

With few damp proofing specialists in the Yorkshire region having the qualifications, facilities and real in-depth expertise we have here at Brick Tie Preservation, we’re delighted to offer our damp and timber consultants service

We’ve developed our consultancy service to cater for situations where clients just need answers –giving you access to the extensive knowledge of our timber and damp specialists, where our installation and treatment service is overlooked in order to remain totally objective.

Perhaps there’s a dispute between vendor and buyer, or landlord and tenant; or perhaps a party wall is involved. It may be that the problem has proved insurmountable and previous surveyors have either been unable to find the answer or disagree with each other… This service is our premium diagnostic survey – it is outlined below but feel free to talk to our consultant Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW AIOSH for further details on Leeds 265 2752 York 566577 or Sheffield 224 5121

Specialist damp and wood rot assessment

Our damp and timber consultants service meets the needs of our clients by offering our equipment, knowledge and experience at a fixed price for the survey and diagnosis only – even if specialist work is required, we would not expect to quote for this, in order to retain that crucial independent position.

However, we‘ll always assist in finding a reliable contractor of your choice if you wish, and if an architect, structural engineer or building surveyor is needed, we can help point you in the right direction there too!

The service is quite separate from our commercial activity and whilst this comes at a premium over our normal survey fees, it means that client’s get full access to our knowledge: no strings attached.

Damp and timber consultants – Our equipment

damp and timber consultants BRE 245 rising damp damp diagnosis and treatment

Damp and timber consultants damp diagnosis lab is state of the art and allows testing in accordance with BRE 245

Our principle surveyor and MD is Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW. With 38+ years of experience, Bryan carries out all of our damp and timber consultant surveys and when it comes to diagnosis and making sure clients get the best advice possible, he’s a true perfectionist.

Our range of the latest diagnostic equipment includes:

  • Humidity/temperature data logging
  • Sibtec digital micro-probe for in-depth structural analysis of structural timbers
  • Endoscopic photography and video equipment for void inspection
  • Advanced Moisture Measurement System
  • Gravimetric testing lab for precise moisture measurement including hygroscopic and capillary moisture separation
  • Damp diagnosis in accordance with BRE 245 ‘Rising damp in walls; diagnosis and treatment’
  • Salts identification and quantification
  • Data modelling software for diagnosis and targeting of the right solutions
Damp and timber consultants using thermal imaging a wall saturated at the base due to a leak – note the diffuse reflector used for quantitative measurement of temperatures

Thermal image of a wall saturated at the base due to a leak – note the diffuse reflector used for quantitative measurement of temperatures

We also have a Flir 420Bx thermal imaging system in the safe hands of Bryan, who’s a category 1 qualified thermographer (ISO 18436). Skilful use of this advanced equipment can help trace leaks, identify missing insulation, cold bridges, blocked cavities and check large areas for condensation risks. The camera can wirelessly link to our hygrometer for advanced environmental isotherms and dew point alarms – all instantly available on-site.

Independent consultant survey costs

Our damp and timber consultants surveys are carried out by Bryan Hindle and start from around £350 (if you would rather use our damp and timber specialist survey service – rather than consultants service the fees are lower)

Gravimetric damp profiling to BRE 245 “Rising damp, diagnosis and treatment” starts at £150 per profile, with salt testing of plaster and masonry samples starting at £35 for the initial sample and as low as £12.00 per test for bulk quantities.

Humidity and temperature data logging with data analysis and interpretation is also available from only £260.00.

With our specialists on hand to help, diagnosis of rising damp, penetrating damp, condensation and combined issues has never been so easily available to clients in Leeds, York, Sheffield, Harrogate, Bradford and across Yorkshire.

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