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Basement Waterproofing

Cellar tanking

Basement waterproofing existing basements is sometimes known as cellar tanking. It requires skill and diligence, from all involved. Let’s face it; if water gets into a completed basement, it’s a disaster.

cellar tanking modern style

This is the cavity drain membrane (type C), basement waterproofing before dry lining.

If you are planning on making a habitable room from any cellar or basement we are Yorkshire’s experts in cellar tanking and we can help you.

It’s important to get the basement waterproofing method specified properly. That’s where our skilled and properly qualified surveyors come in. The Certificated Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing qualification is the nationally accepted standard to look for. The letters CSSW tell you that your surveyor has been independently scrutinised and had his knowledge of waterproofing basements validated by detailed examination.

Over the past 30 years we’ve completed scores of waterproofing projects. We’ve helped make damp and wet cellars into a range of rooms such as kitchens, bedrooms, home office areas and playrooms for  the kids too. We are not builders so we don’t get involved in the buildings work, leaving that to a builder is always the best plan – we offer the cellar tanking system, so that all the builders’ hard work isn’t spoiled later by ground water ingress.

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What is Cellar tanking?

Well, these days the methods have changed a lot, especially for existing cellars. Tanking refers to the old methods of creating a waterproof tank, using renders and barriers. These can work well, but they are also prone to failure. Nowadays the ‘tanking’ method has been mostly replaced by cavity drain membrane systems. Don’t worry, we are qualified and experienced in all methods and will specify the best and most cost effective in each case.

Whether basement waterproofing using membranes or a ‘tanked’ solution, care in application is crucial too. Our staff are all direct employees with years of training and experience, using Oldroyd Cavity Drain Membrane methods, Vandex cementitious methods and often a combination of both.

Below ground areas like garages, store rooms, cinemas, restaurants and kitchens, all over Yorkshire have been successfully waterproofed by us over the last 30 years or so.

As members of the Property Care Association’s structural waterproofing section, we offer 10 year guarantees, which are fully insured via the Guarantee Protection Insurance scheme which covers all our waterproofing existing basements work as well as our new-build waterproofing work

All around West and North Yorkshire there are basements which we?ve waterproofed, using the best and most suitable methods ? putting our client?s needs before ours. We work for homeowners and often for building contractors, who are converting a basement but require a basement waterproofing expert to assist and guarantee the completed job.

We’ve answered some common questions and about cellar tanking and basement waterproofing in our Basement waterproofing Frequently asked questions page.

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